At Detroit Weight Loss Center, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, each carefully tailored to meet your unique needs.

Medical Weight Loss

Our multidisciplinary team provides education and support, nutritional counseling, behavioral health optimization, lifestyle modification and weight loss medications.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Transform your life with our safe and effective bariatric surgery, performed by skilled experts for optimal results.

Gastric Bypass

Surgical and nonsurgical programs to help you get to your weight loss goals.

Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

Don't lose hope! We offer revisional bariatric surgery to help you achieve lasting weight loss.


Manage your GERD symptoms effectively with our expert treatment options, designed to improve your quality of life.

Duodenal Switch

Discover how duodenal switch surgery at Detroit Weight Loss Center can help you lose weight.

Coaching Corner

Stay motivated and accountable with our personal coaching service, providing one-on-one support for your health journey.